Resolving Everyday Conflict

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Biblical Answers for a Common Problem

What is the “Resolving Everyday Conflict” Study and Who is It For? The Resolving Everyday Conflict (REC) outreach study is designed to provide biblical answers for the problem of everyday conflict. It comprises eight one-hour digital lessons designed to be run over an eight-week period. As such, it will appeal to three distinct groups:

Infrequent/marginal church attenders

These are people that are not as deeply connected with your church as you’d like. They know the Lord, but they don’t grow in the Lord. They struggle with conflict at home and at work. The REC study can be really powerful with “marginal members”; this study will turn their hearts to the forgiveness they’ve received in Christ, and will help them to apply it to the conflicts of everyday life.


…who have never experienced the saving power of Jesus Christ. They too struggle with all sorts of conflict in their lives. They don’t have any answers and they’re looking for better ways to respond. Your church will offer a much better way by introducing the good news of Christ as the key to interpersonal reconciliation. If they believe it’s practical, they’ll likely listen and be willing to give it a try. They may embrace the gospel or they may choose to openly reject it (we know some will), but you can know that God will continue to use the message they’ve heard.

Finally, seasoned believers

…will benefit greatly from this study. These core members of your church still struggle with strained or broken relationships. Many will find that the peacemaking principles in the REC study help them to live out their faith in the most powerful way they’ve ever seen.


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